Past placements

Endearing has licensed music to various companies around the world. For a while, the company maintained a list of all of the placements we were involved with but we eventually discontinued this practice as there was just too much going on. 

Below is a rather outdated list of some of the music licensing we’ve been involved with, included purely for historical value.

US Network + Cable TV:

Beautiful People (ABC Family): Parkas

Dawson's Creek DVD: Morella’s Forest (2 songs), Parkas, Paper Moon, B’ehl, Salteens

Dawson’s Creek (WB): Morella’s Forest, B’ehl, Salteens

Falcon Beach (ABC Family): Paper Moon

Falcon Beach TV movie (ABC Family): Paper Moon, Meligrove Band

Invasion (ABC): Aaron Booth

Joan of Arcadia (CBS): leslies, Morella’s Forest (2 songs), Salteens

Joan of Arcadia DVD: leslies, Morella’s Forest (2 songs), Salteens

Kyle XY (ABC Family): Waking Eyes, Radiogram, Paper Moon, Bonaduces, Wolf Colonel, Castle Project, Big Cookie, In Flight Safety (3 songs), Summerlad, Kids These Days, Sean Hayes

Missing (Lifetime): Waking Eyes

MTV’s Real World: Readymade, Strawberry

Numb3ers (CBS): Plumtree, Pets

One Tree Hill (WB): Morella’s Forest

Party of Five DVD: The Meligrove Band, Paper Moon, Aaron Booth, Vancouver Nights, Readymade, Salteens

Queer As Folk (Showcase): Radiogram, Paper Moon

Radio Free Rosco (The N): Paper Moon (4 songs), Meligrove Band (2 songs plus live appearance), Morella's Forest (2 Songs)

Surreal Gourmet (Food Network): Pets, Plumtree (2 songs)

The L Word (Showcase): Radiogram, Edison Woods, Sinewave, Red Room, Julie Doiron


Canadian Network TV:

15 Love: Twigs (4 uses), Plumtree, Novillero, Salteens

Caitlin’s Way: Salteens (3 songs), Pets, Plumtree, Vancouver Nights (2 songs), Christine Fellows

Dark Oracle: Paper Moon

Dragon Boys (CBC): Red Room, Swiftys (two songs)

G spot: Heavy Blinkers

Girls Stuff Boys Stuff: Morella’s Forest

Godivas (Bravo): Red Room (3 songs), Sinewave, Entre Rios, Pete Samples (2 songs), Edison Woods

Jane Show: The Pets

Make Some Noise (CBC): Novillero

My Life With Derek: Paper Moon

Renegade Press: Paper Moon, B’ehl (two songs), Vagiants, Sinewave

Robson Arms: Heavy Blinkers, Paper Moon

Sketch With Kevin McDonald (CBC): Meligrove Band (3 songs)

Spirit Bear (CTV movie of the week): Morella’s Forest

This Space For Rent (CBC): Castle Project

Undergrads: Salteens, Pets, Bonaduces, Ninety Nine

Whistler (CTV): Sinewave, Paper Moon, Novillero


Scot Pilgrim: Plumtree (2 songs)

A Girl is A Girl (indie film): Destroyer, B’ehl

Cake (film featuring Heather Graham): Paper Moon

Everything’s  Gone Green (indie film written by Douglas Coupland): Meligrove Band

Magnus Opus (indie film): Meligrove Band

Nothing Touches (indie film): Julie Doiron

Penelope (film featuring Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon): Paper Moon (also on soundtrack)

Siblings (indie film): Parkas (closing credits)

These Girls (indie film featuring David Boreanaz): Salteens

Unnatural and Accidental (indie film): Ox, Radiogram, Vagiants, Parkas

Wilby Wonderful (indie film): Pets

Ads/Trailers/Theme Songs/Web:

Falcon Beach out of context trailer (airing on national TV ad + in theatres): Paper Moon

Manhattan Matchmaker (theme song): King Mustafa

Sawmill Creek (national TV ad, Canada): Heavy Blinkers

Siblings (trailer): Parkas

SOCAN website: Julie Doiron

Standing Still (trailer): Meligrove Band

West 49 (national TV ad, Canada): Meligrove Band

Sports TV/DVD:

54321: The Waking Eyes

CSRA: Bonaduces (2 songs)

Drop In: Twigs (2 songs), Vagiants

Fuel TV: Paperbacks

Pipe Dreams: Jonathan Inc., The Vagiants

Ride Guide: Bonaduces

Under Attack: Aaron Booth, Bonaduces

Licensing Summary: Albums

Endearing has also licensed music to labels in foreign countries for release.

Abcdefg* (Japan) – Morella’s Forest

Apricot (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) - Heavy Blinkers

Artic Rodeo (Germany) – Ox, Jonathan Inc

Beatball (South Korea) - Heavy Blinkers

CBC Records (Canada) Radio 3 comp – Paperbacks “Grey Skies”

CBC Records (Canada) Zed Sessions comp – Radiogram “Whiskey in my Bed”

Cooking Vinyl USA – Heavy Blinkers

Mushroom Pillow (Spain) - Heavy Blinkers

Quince (Japan) – Paper Moon (1000 Reasons…)

Quince (Japan) – Paper Moon (Broken Hearts…)

Tomlab (Europe) - The Caribbean

Transistor (UK) - Heavy Blinkers

Licensing Summary: Compilations

And licensed music to other labels for compilations

Loose Records (UK) – Parkas, Ox

Low Transit Industries (Australia) Single Club – Parkas “Giants in My Field” and Paper Moon “Thesaurus”

Nettwerk/EMI (worldwide) For the kids too comp - Paper Moon "Cuttlefish"

Nettwerk/EMI (worldwide) The Grass is Bluer comp  – Radiogram:  “Summer Song Summer”

Quince Records (Japan) Guitar Sketch - Paper Moon "So Nice" and Heavy Blinkers "Try Telling"

Rambling Records (Japan) All About Mike Alway – Heavy Blinkers “Filtered Light”

Rambling Records (Japan) Sweet, Sweet comp - Heavy Blinkers “Try Telling…” and “Mother Dear”

Res Magazine companion DVD – Heavy Blinkers

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