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Label: Endearing Records

Genres: indie pop, indie rock, punk, alt-country, singer songwriter

Artists include... The Heavy Blinkers, Paper Moon, Julie Doiron, The Meligrove Band, The Pets, The Waking Eyes, The Salteens, Brent Randall, Plumtree.

Label/Publisher: Black Hen Music

Genres: alt country, country, roots, blues and traditional.

Artists include... Jim Byrnes, Steve Dawson, The Deep Dark Woods, Old Man Luedecke, Jenny Whitely,

The Sojourners, Cara Luft, Zubot and Dawson,

Shuyler Jansen.

Label: Balanced Records

Genres: electronica, house, trip hop, dub and DJ

Artists include... DJ Brace, Hitori Tori, J57, Kasm, Leaf System, Sarah Michaelson, Solidaze.

Label: Bacteria Buffet Records

Genres: ska, reggae, mod, punk

Artists include... The Afterbeat,  The Furios, JFK & The Conspirators, King Django, The Wedgewoods.

Label: Weewerk

Genres: Singer-songwriter, alt-folk, indie-rock

Artists include... Great Lake Swimmers, Barzin, Elliot Brood, Fembots, Ox, Two-Minute Miracles, United Steelworkers of Montreal.

Label: Saved By Radio

Genres: indie rock, alt-country, indie folk, singer songwriter

Artists include... AA Sound System, Ayla Brook, Falconhawk, The Parkas, Junior Pantherz, Nathan Lawr, Lorrie Matheson, Old Reliable, The Summerlad, Vailhalen

Publisher: Love

Genres indie rock, punk, rock, metal, pop, Finnish language

Artists include... King of All The Animals, Automatic Eye, Tigerbombs, Astrid Swan, Treeball, Stone, Kiki Pau, Marbleheroes

Label/Publisher: Elefant Records

Genres: indie pop, orchestral pop, electro-pop, electro, dance, shoegaze, indie rock, spanish language

Artists include... Camera Obscura, Cooper, Helen Love, La Casa Azul, Les Tres Bien Ensemble, Modular, Speedmarket Avenue, The Carrots, The School, Trembling Blue Stars.

Label: Vinyl Republik

Genres: electronica, downtempo

Artists include... Pete Samples, Sinewave, Lampshade

Label: Zip Records

Genres: retro 60s, surf instrumental, power pop.

Artists include... Autons, Danny McDonald, Dorian Gray, The Innocents, Kim Fowley, The Merrymakers, Superscope.

Label: Submerged Records

Genres: shoegaze, indie rock

Artists include... Hinterland, The Hope Slide, Storyboard, Way to Go Einstein, Windows 78

Label: Minty Fresh Records

Genres: indiepop, indie rock

Artists include ... Astrid Swan, Bettie Serveert, The Cardigans, Fugu, Ivy, The School, Tahiti 80

Publisher: Bearsuit Publishing

Genres: indie rock, singer songwriter

Artists include... Beats for Beginners, Black Diamond Bay, Emma-Lee, Krief, Lily Frost, Rebelski, Saturna, The Coast, The Ride Theory, Donovan Woods

Label: Fuzzy Logic Records

Genres: indie pop and indie rock.

Artists include...The Bicycles, Steven McKay, Gravity Wave, Peter Project, The Midways.

Label: Intercontinental Pop Exchange

Genres: indie rock, indie pop, singer songwriter

Artists include... Wolf Colonel, The Paperbacks, Paper Moon, Leslies, Heavy Blinkers, Orwell, Treeball, Aaron Booth, Spearmint, Novillero, Ox, Kid Lightning, My Favorite, Entre Rios.